5 Misconceptions Regarding an AED

CPR First Aid FAQs

Basic life support or BLS is an essential skill that helps in saving many lives. This skill can assist in stabilizing a person undergoing a life-threatening condition until the medical professionals arrive. It requires the application of AED with CPR. AED or Automated External Defibrillators are used for stabilizing a person experiencing a blockage or […]

Promoting the Use of Safe AEDs


When sudden cardiac arrest (SAC) and other cardiac emergencies occur, the initial response would always be the performing of chest compressions and rescue breaths on the victim. CPR is effective in delaying the occurrence of the victim’s biological death. While CPR is proven to cause a great effect on the person’s survival, the use of […]

How Can You Prepare Your Family for a Cardiac Emergency?

Emergency at Home

No one can predict when a cardiac arrest will exactly occur. Preparedness in such an emergency is a must since most arrests actually happen at home. To prepare your family for cardiac emergencies, you must take note of the following:   Have a List of Emergency Numbers  Whether you have a landline, or cell phone, […]

Online CPR Training: A Guide on what is Taught

CPR Training ACCA

Sudden cardiac arrest is a major cause of death in the USA. As per the reports of the American Heart Association, nearly 95% of SCA victims succumb even before reaching the emergency room. However, the survival rate can be improved by increasing the number of trained and informed individuals who can take immediate action. Fortunately, […]

The Help of Technology with CPR

AED technology

The leading cause of death in the USA, claiming the lives of the more than 450,000 people, is cardiac arrest. The technological breakthroughs in medicine are gradually tilting the scales in the favor of humanity in this war between life and death; however, the road to victory is long and demands effort. Everyone can play […]